LR 634 Liebherr

LR 634 Liebherr

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1/14 RC Scale RC Dozers



 The Liebherr LR634
The Liebherr Crawler Loader LR 634 Litronic of proven hydrostatic Liebherr travel drive is used. Both chains are always driven positively and independently. The Litronic system of the LR 634 Litronic allows optimal control of speed and all steering movements. With a gesture, any turning radius can be selected by turning on the spot. The robust Z-bar linkage with cast cross tube provides maximum digging force of the bucket and the deep-drawn downward edge of the windscreen allows optimum visibility to the work equipment.


The Model: 
The CARSON model of Liebherr LR 634 track loader, with numerous massive components made of steel and aluminum is a truly heavy weight and especially fully functional construction vehicle in 1:14 scale. With around 8 kg and the powerful chain drive, the "small" Track Loader is a real workhorse. Bucket and main frame are made of steel which gives the model the necessary stability to carry out the shovel and lifting. The steel mast is brought to life by a powerful spindle drive. The reinforced plastic 2-bridge chain runs through supporting and pallet rollers made of steel and provides grip on any terrain. Many fittings and the interior of the cab give the model a prototypical appearance. 
The CARSON LR 634 track loader is heavy metal for the site!

Required accessories: 
1x 500907101 spindle drive ripper LR 634 
1x 500907102 spindle drive blade LR 634 (lifting / toggle pin) 
1x 500,907,103 electronic unit LR 634 
1x 500907104 ripper LR 634 
1x 500,907,105 gear drive set LR 634 
2x 500907106 traction motor 
Lift 1x 500,907,066 gear motor / decrease (lifting screw) 
2x 500907108 gearmotor blade (toggle pin) and gear motor ripper


What is included in the kit : 
Model kit of Crawler Loader Liebherr LR 634 with detailed assembly instructions and decal sheet.


Technical details and included parts : 

• steel bucket 
• 2 mm steel main frame (laser cut u. Brazed) 
• Aluminium mast 
• Aluminium Z-bar linkage 
• flexible drive storage with Oscillation 
• Drive with integrated Kettspanner for the sheave 
• 2-rib track of glass fiber reinforced plastic 
• supporting and rollers made of steel, black oxidized 
• cab with interior 
• Fittings

Controllable functions: forward and reverse • Turn on the vertical axis (turning with counter-rotation) • Raising and lowering the boom • loading and unloading of the blade




LR 634.
Below image for reference only lights are a option as shown.

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1/14 RC Scale RC Dozers
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