Komatsu PC 490 Kit

Komatsu PC 490 Kit

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PC 490 RP (+$77.30)
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5 Vavle block (+$300.00)
1/14 RC Scale RC Excavators

Important Note: Due to the size and weight of this product, this product has to be shipped in its own container. It will be shipped only by Expedited Shipping Service (5-8 days),

Payment Information: Due to the value of this product, all customer must pay with bank transfer. When you check out, do not choose credit card or paypal, we will refund you. Make sure choose bank transfer instead. Feel free to email us if you have any questions. 

Important Note: This product is for experienced R/C users. Not recommended if you just started with R/C.These machines need skill for adjustments even after shipped from the factory this is the condition of sale.Please consider this carefully before purchase .

This model is exclusively licensed by Komatsu!

The PC 490-10 combines performance and durability which is typical for Fumotec with high scale fidelity. The model is equipped with the probably most efficient track drive on the market. Both tracks are optionally driven by one brushless motor each which delivers its power to the track drive via a planetary gear, a solid steel bevel gear level and massive steel pinion. The running gear stands and drives on specifically developed metal chain links. The cylinders are based on the approved Fumotec cylinders and have been customized to the model. For every page of the manual, you will find a separate components labeled with the page number. Thus, you will always have the exact parts needed for the current component at hand. The assembly itself is kept as simple as possible. You will not require any special tools or workshop equipment. The average model workshop will provide everything need for the assembly. 

Technical data:

Length of track chains 388 mm
Width of track chains 252 mm
Height to top of cabin 240 mm
Scale 1:14,5
Weight: 18 to 20 kg

The models shown are equipped with attachments that are sometimes not included in the delivery.

The kit includes all the components. The complete hydraulic power pack is  included.

To get the model ready to drive you need the following components:

-brushless controller for the pump motor (eg Robbe Roxxy 930)

-brushless controller for the drive motors (eg Robbe Roxxy 918)

Controllers for slewing (eg Servonaut MFR)

Servos for the hydraulic valves (eg Graupner C5077 or similar)

Receivers (at least 7 channels)

Battery pack (eg Lipo 3S 5000 mAh)

0,5l hydraulic oil.


UPGRADES : The PC490 can be upgraded to 5 valve block set up. WIth this set you can have 2 utility lines for more tooling, example quick hitch and grab or a grab with rotational function.



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1/14 RC Scale RC Excavators
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