5 port control valve

5 port control valve

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Servo (+$150.00)
Servo mount (+$50.00)
Int Freight (+$25.00)
Hydraulic parts fittings Control valves

Our rotary valves are designed and manufactured togehter with fluid technology company.
The valves are made of hardened steel.
Working pressure up to 75 bar
By special design, the valve remains smooth at maximum pressure.
These rotary valves, allow proportional control of hydraulic functions.
The adapter plate for the servo mounting is available as an accessory.

Height: 62mm
Width: 20 mm
Length: 100 mm


dimensions with rotary valves and Servo mouting adapter plate ans Hitec Servo HS-85MG

Height: 62 mm

Width: 38 mm

Length: 100 mm



Hydraulic inputs and outputs with M5 thread



Servo mounting adapter plate (suitable for Hitec Servo HS-85MG No. 66,000,023)


Servos and servo mout is not included




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Hydraulic parts fittings Control valves
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