Goldhofer Automatic Trailer ramp

Goldhofer Automatic Trailer ramp

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Gold Hofer motorised actuator kit for trailer.

Notes :Listing is for the Trailer ramps only .





This actuator kit allows to radio control the ramps of the Goldhofer low bed trailer by Veroma/Carson!
Our actuator kit is mounted to the model and controls the ramps with a motor gearbox combination. Each lower and upper end positions are secured by a limit switch!  
The limit switches are already wired and ready to install. Only the wires have to be soldered to the motor. A voltage of 7.2 - 9.6 Volt is necessary for operation. If only a higher voltage source (e.g. 12V) is available, a speed controler should be used with about 60% "control stick position".
IRAM: The operation is also possible without problems with our IRAM. There is no adapted version available. But as the limit switches are here already fix installed they do not have to be connected to the IRAM. The advantage is that only the motor wires from the IRAM to the ramp actuator have to be installed.

Note: It may happen that your steering servo has no space next to the actuator motors of the ramps. A new mounting option will be available in a few weeks for this situation!

Delivery Contents: 
- Motor gearbox combination
- Worm drive (worm is pre-installed on the motor)
- Limit switches, pre-assembled and wired
- New, one piece shaft for the ramps
- Side covers for the shaft
- New ramp mounts, fitting for the new shaft (laterally moveable!)
- Gear box base plate (works as drilling template)
- Gear box housing
- Instructions, screws, cables

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1/14 RC Scale Trailers
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