Aircraft Hydraulic Landing Gear

Aircraft Hydraulic Landing Gear

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After extended researches, we have designed a brand new hydraulic powered retracts system for the landing gear.The Hydraulic power can provide large force in a continuous output to support a larger size landing gear, and the action is very smooth during landing gear release and retraction, unlike the pneumatic air retracts, which tend to give airplane a big impact during it's movement.On each hydraulic connector, we have designed a screw cap to lock the oil tube in place to avoid leakage. During our new product launch period, we are selling it at an low introductory period.The price is subject to go up after this period.
We suggest you could use the pump in 6V. When using the pump in 6V, the pressure could reach 25㎏/㎠. If using the pump in 7.4V, the pressure could exceed 30㎏/㎠; however, the PE pipe might burst so it needs to be replaced with Nylon hydraulic pipe which could withstand high pressure.
Please do not force to lock the nut and elbow fittings, or they might be broken easily.

Each set of hydraulic powered landing gear system consists of below items:
1.  Hydraulic pump with carbon brush motor reducer
2.  Hydraulic pump timer controller
3.  Hydraulic valves with servo
4.  two hydraulic retracts
5.  3-way hydraulic joint
6.  3m of PE hydraulic tube
7.  A bottle of oil



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Hydraulic parts fittings Control valves
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