Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1    All products are strictly covered under manufacturer’s warranty only.Some Products may have a : Design change, Price change,Color change, Option change, Dimension change, Weight change.

2    CSMI warrants manufacturer’s warranty and can only cover products under these guidelines.

3    All sales are final unless special conditions are agreed prior to sale. No refunds claims compensations after 7 days. No exceptions.

4    Radio control models RTR (ready to run ) orders once placed and payment completed cannot be cancelled due to bank fee, currency transcations,freight handling and other situation not in our control.

4A. Radio control models KITS may be a special order. Such orders are only ordered on request being "special order".Special orders are non-refundable please choose carefully. 

Depending on the model 50% deduction on cancellation of order.Please choose carefully before you buy.

5    Credit card will have a surcharge of 3% .All orders over USD $1000 will attract 5%  if paid by PayPal, How ever you do not need to pay this if paid by bank transfer .We do not accept American Express.Cetain paypal fees are discounted on next order. If paid by bank transfer no fees apply.  GST (Good Sales Tax will show only when paid by pay pal and not during check out ) GST will be applied on all invoice when invoice is sent with bank details . Additional cost such as Government taxes, Import duty, AQUIS fees,GST only Applies to Australian customers. 

6    RC direct delivery models will attract a bank and admin fee of $40

7    The default currency on the web site shows is in USD and AUD. Customer can select currency of their choice. currency exchange is a guide only.

8    No refunds on electrical components. All sales are final. All costs for return to base of models, parts, merchandise or goods services will accepted by customer unless accepted in writing by CSMI. Goods of above nature if sent back without prior approval is done as customer's cost NO EXCEPTIONS. German electronics and product warranty covered by OEM conditions. Repaired goods will be sent back at customer's cost. THIS IS THE CONDITION OF SALE. 

A) The nature of goods being from CHINA will need a certain level or RC Experience to solve certain initial problems. CSMI will make all attempt to resolve and fix these problems.All models are shipped with out a battery due to transport and aviations laws.

B) Defective items needing replacement of parts will need pictures, or Videos to show defects in order to get replacement of spares.

C) Replacement of spares or defective items is determined by the Makers technical Dept and not CSMI OR a combination. When parts are of generic design fault CSMI will make an attempt to provide replacement for FREE. This condition is based on the OEM accepting "onus".

The conditions for delivery of replacement spares is based Customer accepting all delivery and admin cost incurred in delivering the part to the Customer.  

9    Delivery time is strictly based on stock availability and freight time.CSMI has not control on these factors

10  Stock levels vary on live time bases as the site is running in real time and some products stocks are not updated automatically.

11  Refunds can be possible on special conditions if agreed prior to sale. A restocking fee + 15% will apply in addition to return freight cost.

      Due to : International cross border fees , Transactions fees, Admin costs. 

12  All bank transfer fees to CSMI accounts and return payments back to customer accounts as a part of full refund to by paid by the payee or customer.

13  Refunds will be done based on the amount credited in Australian dollar. Refunded amount will be done back in Australian dollar. Currency deflection ,Sliding dollar and other market conditions are controlled by prevailing markets. CSMI has no control over these conditions. We can only refund what has been credited into our account. Orders placed and cancelled will incur a 15% admin and restocking fee.  Depending on the supplier 40% deduction fees apply if you cancel the order. 

14  All products send back cost incurred with be paid by the customer. No exception this is condition of sale.

15  Any damage to the product or missing parts is covered, replaced repaired as per makers decisions .CSMI does not hold the right to the above. These are low volume handmade and manually packed models and kits. If there are missing part there can be a lead time up to 12 weeks. Part are not always in stock as they made in batches due low volume.

16  All RC models have come with 30 day warranty . Warranty will be covered only when supported by pictures videos .Claims will accessed by our engineering dept or makers department.

16A  ALL RC models sold by CSMI need a level of skill for adjustments KIT OR RTR even after shipped from the factory this is the condition of sale.Please consider this carefully before purchase .If you do not have tools , Skills , RC knowledge, Ability to change damage spare parts IMPORTANT THIS MODEL IS NOT FOR YOU AS A BEGINER. 

16B Models sent back to CSMI for adjustment repairs will be shipped at customer cost both to and from CSMI. All repairs adjustments will incurr a Level 1 Tech support fee as listed on the site. This includes all models even under warranty period no exceptions

16C Hydraulic performance of models depends on cost Chinese built models may have lower hydraulic performance capabilities due to the economical engineering construction.

17  Any damage claim of any nature will accessed miss use over loading using for the purpose other than intended voids all claims.

18  Prices on goods and shipping subjected to change with out notice. This is due variable currency exchange. The website uses generic currency exchange by default. An updated price will emailed prior to shipping for customer confirmation. The customer is not obligated or forced to buy. Full refund will be offered if the customer does not accept the final delivery price.  Payment must be in done in 24hrs. If there more than 2.5%. deflection in the exchange a second offer will be sent for approval. Sale is only complete if the customer accepts the price. In all cases full refund is provided if price is not accepted in writing. Free shipping is based on goods shipped from factory direct to the customer.

19  Web site error product description error will rectified and will not be offered at those price if found uploaded in an error. 

20  In some cases freight cost can vary depending on the carrier. In such cases a second invoice will be sent. Customer pick up is possible will incur an admin fee of $50. 

21  Although  all precaution is taken to prevent this some times there chance this could happen. Customer accepts this condition prior to purchase.     

22  Freight Insurance is not standard CSMI accepts no liability for any damage in transit or delivery. The cheapest means of freight is used. With exception to sea cargo. This applies to both national and international shipping. We can try to use a freight company of your choice but this not always possible. Once tracking no has been provided its the customer responsibility to follow up and  track the items. CSMI has no responsibility for delivery lost or damaged good. Insurance is recommended to prevent such events so you are covered for any loss.All Insurance claims are between the end customer and the carrier

23  Customer must notify in if additional insurance is needed to cover products. Products damaged in freight/transit are covered under carriers warranty only. CSMI does not accept damage cost for lack of insurance. 

24  Tracking info for postage, freight or delivery is not included. This is an option you need to request prior to purchase. As tracking sometime cost more than the product. Tracking will be provided on the same day where possible or on the next business day. Due the nature of the carrier ,pick up times or dispatch times from us. 

25  Customs, duty, taxes,(GST Australian customers ONLY), clearing charges, air port handling charges are not included in the price. These vary and hence will only be charged once the final amount is invoiced to us. Such services incur a $150 admin fee to nature of time to process if with the respective govt departments.

26  Customer to pay all changes outlined in condition no 24 and 25. CSMI has no control over govt charges in different countries. 

27  Goods will delivered only to agreed address at the time of purchase. PAYPAL customers to the registered PAYPAL address only. 

28  Once goods have been shipped change of address or new forwarding  address will incur and additional $50 fee. However, no guarantee is provided it will be forwarded. A request will be put in with the respective carrier and its at the carrier discretion

29  Shipping is based on standard metro physical address .Delivery to PO box and non-metro areas may vary. A second invoice will be sent if cost will vary.

30  Pre order deposits are not refundable.

31  Deposits are only to hold stock for a item till such time full payment is completed. Prices may vary during final purchase as AUD$ exchange rates vary, Stock is imported in USD. IF goods cannot be delivered due to lack of stock or unavailability from the manufacture 100% refund is issued.

32  Items will be put on hold for no more than a  24 hour period unless a deposit has been paid. 

33  To qualify price beat guarantee : a) Need to supply quote/Tax invoice. Deposit 10% of total product price or $200 via credit card or bank deposit only  (fully refundable if we do not beat our competitors pricing ).No refunds if CSMI's offered price is lower. No refunds if you change your mind. No refunds if you find a lower quote once we have made an offer. Price beat means we beat your lowest prices demonstrated.

34 Delivery dates are subjected to change based on makers schedule. This is very common as Models are hand built and need very special skill and precision assembly and testing.      NOTE : DELIVERY DATES CAN CHANGE UP TO 12 WEEKS FOR GERMAN MODELS. Please consider this carefully.

35  CSMI accepts no liability for any failure to ship products where this results from its inability to do so resulting from acts of God, civil commotion, terrorism, riots, flood, draught, fire, legislation or other factors outside its control, or its decision. In such cases CSMI will not refund any payment made once goods have been shipped. It is your responsibility to ensure that you order from CSMI with sufficient lead time to prevent any loss or disappointment resulting from such non-shipment.

36  CSMI has no control over delays from customs inspections or any govt. inspections causing delays.

37 Prices subjected to change without notice and will not always correspond to as shown on the website. Website used generic interbank rates. Once order has been a written Quote / Offer is emailed with fixed confirmed price. 

38 Demo training, start-up display will incur a level 1 tech support fee as shown on website. Inspection for functionality and correctness from the maker on behalf of the customer will incur Level 1 tech support x 2 . There will be in repacking fee is the original box has been damaged and there is risk sending the goods in the same box.

39 Committing to buy is an acceptance to terms and conditions outlined above.



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