Industrial RC Excavator

Industrial RC Excavator

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1/14 RC Scale RC Excavators

Important Note:Due to the size and weight of this product, this product has to be shipped in its own container. It will be shipped only by Expedited Shipping Service (5-8 days), this requires an extra shipping surcharge to ship to all international countries due to the size and weight. This cost will be notified based on your location.

Payment Information: Due to the value of this product, all customer must pay with bank transfer. When you check out, do not choose credit card or paypal, we will refund you. Make sure choose bank transfer instead. Feel free to email us if you have any questions.

These machines may need some skills for adjustments even after shipped from the factory this is the condition of sale.Please consider this carefully before purchase .

All RC models have come with 30 day warranty . Warranty will be covered only when supported by pictures videos .Claims will accessed by our engineering dept or makers department.These machines need skill for adjustments even after shipped from the factory this is the condition of sale.Please consider this carefully before purchase .If you do not have tools , Skills , RC knowledge, Ability to change damage spare parts IMPORTANT THIS MODEL IS NOT FOR YOU AS A BEGINER. 

Bases on a OEM model 

Machine is full RTR ( Ready to Run ) . 

Complete crated with wooden box. 

This new generation excavator is a full hydraulic remote controlled scale down version for the real equipment. This RC excavator can be used in the dangerous environments and is safer than the tranditional excavator. It can reduce the risk of suffering injury when user needs to work in high risk areas or handing dangerous materials . The operator may install a camera on CX400 for remote operation . In other words, this excavator can work even if the operator is not in the work area. WithCX400 is also a good helper to plant trees and prepare the soil. It can not only reduce manpower but also increase work efficiency. Makes gardening easier and more fun!

● With its small size design it can be used in narrow and dangerous areas,and reduce the risk of concern.
● The Excavator is fuelled by gasoline.
● The Excavator can rotate 360 degrees easily without interference of power cord.

CX400 Details : 

Weight: 700 kg 
Width with track: 143 cm
Height : 155 cm 
Engine output : 9 kW
Max. Travel speed : 3 km/h 
System pressure : 100 kg/cm2
Max. Pump flow : 36 L/min

Attachments including: Buckets and Concrete Crushers. The concrete crusher can crush concretes, cut reinforced bars and grip explosives.




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1/14 RC Scale RC Excavators
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