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1/50 Diecast Scale Crawler cranes


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We are excited to start 2024 well, with the introduction of a long awaited and much requested Mammoet collectible. In a unique collaboration with the German scale model manufacturer Conrad; we proudly introduce the MAMMOET LG 1750 SX3

Mammoet is proud to announce the upgraded variant of the Liebherr LG 1750 model by Conrad with, amongst others, a special SX3 configuration. This configuration consist of 3 boom parts which are actually 6 meters wide and 14 meters long, followed by 3 parts of 3,5 meter wide SX boom sections, instead of the regular 3 meter wide boom parts (in case of SX3D4F2B configuration). This gives the crane more lifting capacity compared to the traditional boom sections.

The collectible of the 
MAMMOET LG 1750 SX3 is supplied in a complete, and never before seen kit, making many configurations possible. Including a special F2 jib, also called windmill jib, and associated hook. 


From today, Friday January 26, 2024, the MAMMOET LG 1750 SX3 can be pre-ordered 

The first sample of the 
MAMMOET LG 1750 SX3 can be seen during the Conrad open house in Kalchreuth during 30th of January until the 2nd of February 2024. Furthermore it can be seen on the European Modelshow in Ede (NL) on 16th of March 2024. This model will be produced in a limited run and this will depend on the total amount of ordered cranes. 

By purchasing the pre-order 
MAMMOET LG1750 SX3 we reserve this collectible for you. Delivery of this Mammoet collectible is scheduled for July 2024. 


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Livery Mammoet
1/50 Diecast Scale Crawler cranes
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